Dispatches from the wilds of Poetania – The Endless Cycle of Guinea-Pigs

You buy a guinea pig
and you love it
but it needs a friend
to keep it company.

And you love it,
so you buy another
to keep it company
and now you’ve got two happy little pigs.

So, you bought another
and they’re happy together;
your two happy little pigs
but one’s just a little younger.

And they’re happy together
despite their differences,
because one’s just a little younger,
the other just a little wiser.

Despite the difference
in their age
(one’s just a little wiser)
you think of them like brothers.

Then their age
takes its toll
you thought of them like brothers
but now there’s only one.

It takes its toll,
and it’s very sad,
now there’s only one
to love.

And it’s very sad;
it needs a friend
to love.
You buy a guinea pig.

This is my first ever Pantoum – I’ve been wanting to try writing one for some time, and actually had a different subject in mind for my first, but then I saw this article about Switzerland’s Endless cycle of Guinea Pigs and couldn’t resist.

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