Found Out How!

The following is a (brief) list of interesting terms, which, when put into “the Google”, have apparently directed readers to my fair page:

“Physicians Autopsy Errol Flynn”  (My personal favourite)

“largest combine harvester in the world o” (I… I really don’t know)

“is there any merwoman found videos” (Damn right there are! And they’re HOT)

“shorteus sexo” (Hahahahahahahahaha. Wait… what?)

“what is the wilds smallest thing” (The bacteria which get in your brain and let the Martians control you. Nuff Said)

“reptilian brain crosslinked” (???)

“etymology of meterosexual” (I’m glad to see I’m contributing to learnin’)

Published on December 13, 2007 at 2:45 pm  Leave a Comment  

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