Dispatches from the wilds of Proseambique – The Axe

The doctor gives it to him straight.
“Your heart’s shot. You’ll be lucky to get another month out of it.”
This is no great problem, of course. Replacing a heart is a relatively straight-forward affair. They can grow a new one for him from some DNA taken from a skin sample in just a few days. Robotically-assisted surgery has a higher than 99% success rate. The thing is, though, it’s really not worth it.
“Sure, we can replace your heart… but the rest of you… well, you’re getting on now. We put a new heart in you and you’ll just be back in a year for a new set of kidneys, or new eyes, or… it’ll just be one thing after another. It really makes a lot more sense to transfer you into a new body, fresh grown. No more aching knees or weak eyes. We can even iron out this genetic heart defect. In the long run, it’s a far better course of action.”
He looks down at his hands, the lines of 80 years etched into them. These hands that held his son for the first time. He raises them to his lips, these lips that his wife kissed for the last time. He remembers debating the Grandfather’s Axe with her back in their university days, the thought brings a lump to his throat. Immortality, he’s learnt, is more letting go than hanging on.

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  1. Is this about Adam?
    I feel this about Adam and his drive to live forever. Living forever is a horrible idea.

    But I like the idea, your execution is quite good also. Well done. Band six I think…

    • Actually, it was inspired by the sad, untimely death of my laptop.
      Adam wants to live forever? I want to live forever too! I guess he and I will be partying ’til the stars burn out. What’s his preferred method? Mine is stem cells. I feel like maybe his is pickling…

      Yay, band six! A few more of those and I can go study law at university!

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