Dispatches from the wilds of Poetania – A Long-Overdue Ode to Butter

What sweeter kiss ‘pon tongue than this,
from fair yet unseen maid,
hidden in taste’s dark foundation,
from whose soft, salt-tinged kiss,
comes culinary culmination,
and miracles be made!?

Though sugar may be sweeter still,
cocoa more sharply bitter,
cheese, well, more cheese,
and margarine arguably fitter,
none of these could so ably please,
without your subtle skill.

For on your soft shoulders they stand,
to ply their dainty pleasures,
you, bulwark of the dish and plate,
foundation for the truly grand,
who you so ably elevate,
the gold in all their treasures.

From the first greased pan,
foundation of all toast,
the secret of a great croissant,
nothing do I so ardently want,
as what I hunger for the most;
a little butter avec mon pain!

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