Dispatches from the wilds of Poetania – Abyss of Me

What darkness might my dark hands wreak,
in darkened halls,
where darkness speaks?

What fractures might fair fingers form,
and shattering dawn-scattering,
in smashing’s sweet seduction song;
the sound of cracking, cracking on?

What horror might my dread heart sing
into shadows from nothing,
from briny depths deeper than the sea;
the scaly abyss,
abyss of me.

What darkened things might arise,
when weaving shadows like lies,
’til in a cloak of deadened night,
I come, hungry, for your light.

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  1. Wow.

    Whence this… increase in structure? Very impressive. Are you planning to do it on a regular basis?

    • I discovered that if I listened to a playlist of six specific songs from Tron: Legacy on a loop, it would put me into a weird, trance-like headspace. That, plus some mild sleep-deprivation while typing aimlessly at a quarter past two in the morning, enamoured of my keyboard glowing in the dark, produced this.

      Mostly I remember being wrapped up in the rhythm of the words as I wrote it; even now, I feel like I only half-understand it.

      Sadly, the playlist doesn’t really have the same effect on me any more, and as I’m not generally a fan of electronica, I suspect it’s unlikely that I’ll stumble across more that does the same thing for me… but who knows?

      You can listen to the playlist here, if you’re curious.

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