Dispatches from the wilds of Proseambique – Seeds

Glass survives. Unburning, unrusting, unrotting, unwearing; it outlasts paper, steel, wood and stone. It outlasts civilisations. It outlasts our civilisation. And toughened glass…?

When it does finally break, it shatters into thousands of safe little cubes that, thousands of years later, are pulled from the earth by inquisitive minds and painstakingly reassembled into their original forms.

In the ruins of one nameless city they find a monumental cube; on the other side of the world, a cylinder as tall as a half-dozen men in the midst of a vast, amphitheatric space. A sacred space. Beneath these ancient monuments lie strange spaces; spaces with no practical purpose. Unlivable spaces with petrified remnants of long wooden altars.

What gods were worshipped upon them? The spaces are devoid of statuary, frieze or mosaic. Only one clue remains. Stark, simple; a unifying iconography for a world-spanning belief. But which belief? Ancient myths passed down by countless voices abound; Idunn in the wood, Eve in the garden, Eris excluded…

Its simplicity unyeilding, the apple gives no clue; a mystery eternal.

Ten millennia hence, the Cult of Mac is writ textbook literal.

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  1. The last line makes all the difference between merely good and genuinely great.

    However since I’m a nasty critic I guess I should say something negative; it’s been a while. So: You got a bit of unsightly repetition in your middle paragraphs there – get ye some sharper editing processes in place for short stories, stat!

    • Yeah, well, you have an unsightly… nose in the middle of your FACE. So HA!

    • Ok, actually, re-reading this at a time that’s not 2 am, I see what you mean.

  2. Well, I’m not going to offer any constructive criticism, just my impression…

    It’s good, I liked it. *shrugs shoulders*

    • Thanks!

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