Dispatches from the wilds of Poetania – Missed Connection

To the stunning redhead
on the uptown-bound “1” platform
at 59th st
at about 5:47 this afternoon:

You didn’t see me.
I was, at most, a blur,
a blob,
man-shaped and vague,
on the periphery of your vision.
You were busy;
reading Girl With A Dragon Tattoo,
getting home from work.
I was nothing to you.
If I had cried out, would you have turned?
If I had wept, would you have been moved?
If I had died, right there on the platform,
would you have noticed?
Would you have cared?
I think not.
I may as well have been invisible to you.
A mote of dust,
a scrap of paper,
an unheard footfall,
an unrequited love.

I really like that in a woman.
You remind me of my mother.
Call me.

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  1. I should know not to read your blog at work. the risks of laughter are too great… šŸ™‚

    • I am sure none of us doubt that the termination of your employment was for A GOOD CAUSE.

  2. loved it…

    till i got to the mother bit and then just got really creeped out.

    • Being creeped out is the sign of a truly good Missed Connection

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