Dispatches from the wilds of Poetania – Alloy

What are the engineering difficulties presented,
in the formation of a soul?
Hydraulics, obviously, for the heart.
Electrical & computational for the mind.
But how do you preference materials
for the intangible?
Which alloys work best?
Titanium, for strength?
Aluminium, for lightness?
Should we insulate it with asbestos?
or case-harden it with bursts of unforgiving heat?
Should we ballast it with lead,
or shield it from cosmic rays?
If we ground it against lightning strikes,
will that kill its inspiration?
What is the appropriate wear tolerance?
75 years?
1,000,000 footsteps?
5 heartbreaks?
10,000 handshakes?
16 shattered dreams?
a dozen great friendships?
What is the acceptable rate of failure?
And should it fail elegantly,
or spectacularly?
Should it be water-proof?
Should we be glad such things are not designed by engineers,
or terrified that we are not all born with BEs in our hands?
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  1. Wow! Love it!

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