Dispatches from the wilds of Poetania – DS-160

I need a discount ticket,
to a new life;
with an extended stop-over
at sense-of-purpose.
Do I need to take my passport,
to become another person?
Why do all these visa forms
ask me if I plan to launder money,
or commit acts of terror,
but not if I’ve yet to figure out what I want
(which is surely more dangerous)?
Can I list my sense of humour as a reference?
Do I need to remove my feet of clay,
to pass through security?
Do I have to declare the fact
that my bags are full of jelly-beans
and illusions?
And will there be someone to pick me up
at the airport?
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  1. Nice work – although the line “but not if I’ve yet to figure out what I want” is quite confusing.


    • Bite me.

  2. Quite a clever and witty poem…I was laughing as I read some of you lines…really enjoyed it.

    • Cheers!

  3. I like the poems that you write like this, that are kind of bitter-sweet (or funny-sad? wistful?). They are my favourites.

    All the best with your adventuring!

    • I tend to prefer them as well, but it’s good to have balance, I think; neither too much heaviness or lightness.

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