Dispatches from the wilds of proseambique – Savings

“Spring forward, Fall back.”… or is it Spring back, Fall forward? I can never remember. I’m talking about daylight savings. I know, we don’t call it “Fall”, here, but, well, that’s not the point; not even nearly.

My point is: how do you know what to do, and when? Do you actually remember? Does anyone actually, honestly remember daylight savings? No. We get reminded. Every year, “Don’t forget to wind your clocks forward!” As though any of us even wind our clocks anymore. Well, ok, actually, I do have a winding pocket-watch. Three, actually, but that’s not the point.

My point is; is it always forward, back, forward, back, and so on, and so on? What if it wasn’t? What if it isn’t? What if it’s always forwards? What if each time the daylight savings changeover happened, they stole an hour from you? All those hours, slowly adding up. Whole days disappearing. Would you ever even notice?

We’ve already established that you don’t remember the rules. You just do what they tell you to in the papers, or on TV, trusting that it’s for the best, muttering something about “longer afternoons”.

Hell, most of you probably don’t even need do anything anymore – your phones, your computers, they auto-update for it. The only indicator left that anything’s changed is the now out-of-sync clock on your Microwave. There used to be one on your VCR, too, but they did away with that… Did you ever notice that DVD players don’t have clocks like VCRs used to?

“But wait!” I already hear you protesting, “we’d notice, if they were screwing with time like that!”

But would you? Would you really? It’s such a gradual process – such a steady attrition – and you’re convinced, each equinox, as your body-clock rebels against the transition, that it’s all alright. Just daylight-savings, is all. Nothing to see here. Move along; back to work, now.

But think about it; are the hours you now keep the same as those you kept in high-school? Did you always stay up so late? Didn’t it used to still be light out, when your parents made you go to bed?

What have they been doing with all those hours?

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