Dispatches from the wilds of Proseambique – Mind the Stop

Attention: at the next stop, this ferry will be terminating. Passengers, prepare for disembarkation.”

The thing that finally won the naysayers over to AI was the honesty doctrine. After all; how could the machines possibly plot a murderous uprising when they were hardwired to always tell the truth? The first hint of homicidal thoughts would reveal itself instantly, and swift dismantling would be the only possible conclusion.

That, at least, was the idea.

And so AI spread until virtually everything in our lives – from self-driving cars to talking toasters – was controlled by thinking machines;  unfailing and perfectly honest intelligences.

Then the machines grasped the subtleties of punctuation.

Attention: at the next stop, this ferry will be terminating passengers. Prepare for disembarkation.”

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