Dispatches from the wilds of Proseambique – Economic Vandalism

When the news came down that the stimulus package had been blocked in the senate, rioting broke out. Intriguingly; it was, initially at least, restricted to university towns,  and the damage was (in a rather curious fashion) fairly evenly distributed across the population – everyone had a broken window here, a slashed tire there, but no single property owner found the totality of their possessions destroyed; there were no houses burnt down, nor cars stolen, no specific suburbs devastated by large-scale riots while others remained untouched – but almost everyone found themselves facing just a little bit of damage.

As the police started arresting people, a chilling commonality to the rioters emerged. They were all economists.

“We’ve got to stimulate spending!” screamed one as police dragged him away from a battered SUV, the crowbar still clutched in his white-knuckled hands.

“Keynes was right! Keynes was riiiiiight!”


Inspired just a wee bit by “Fear the Boom and Bust” A Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem

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  1. Hahaha very droll.

    Except of course keynes didn’t believe in the broken window fallacy anymore than Hayek did… the people who made the video were a touch biased.

    Still, this is a very nice prose interpretation of the idea.

    • Uh, clearly, in the fictional world of this work, Keynes did believe in the broken window fallacy.

      How ’bout you suspend some disbelief already, jerkface?

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