Dispatches from the wilds of Poetania – The Lilyad

Oh, lovely, lovely, lovely Lily,
how you make our hearts go silly!
And so Tim and I met, without reserve,
In the Derbyshire nature preserve,
we faced each other, eye to eye,
I glared at him; he at I,
and, without a word to say,
we began an awful affray.
He managed to land a few quick blows,
and in response I bit his nose,
and then he pulled upon my hair,
and so I got WWF with a chair.
As we tousled on forest floor,
rain, upon us, started to pour.
Our shirts soon clung, transparent, to our chests,
we sparred on, thinking only of your milken breasts.
Four hours we wrestled on muddy ground,
but no clear victor could be found.
Alas, alack, we collapsed, resigned,
the contest now continued in Lily’s mind
– how intolerable this would have been,
were it still the century thirteen!
So, fair Lily, who had been watching all the while,
her face fixed in a bemused half-smile,
after some considerable consternation,
decided – to my great devastation.
Oh, alas, alack, eheu!
if only fair Lily had a twin, or two…

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