Dispatches from the wilds of Proseambique – Break

Procrastination is staring out the window. He’s been doing this for five minutes, now. The cup of tea in his hand has cooled to an acceptable temperature. It’s 9:05 on the East coast, and workers in hundreds of Manhattan office buildings are sitting down and working. They’ve yet to make themselves a coffee, rearrange their desk, ask their co-worker how their weekend was or any of the other thousand mundane trivialities which usually fill the first hour of their work-week.
Procrastination takes a sip of his tea, and watches the waves breaking against the rocks. So this is what this is like, he muses. He’s never done this before. He’s never found the time. He watches a seagull struggling to land in the strong head-wind. He sips his tea. He wishes he had a desk to rearrange. With a sigh, he returns his cup to the kitchen and washes it. By the time he returns to work, the DOW has already jumped 300 points.


Inspired by Procrastination by John Kelly.

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  1. Very cool. Good work.

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