Dispatches from the wilds of Poetania – Farewell

I wanted to keep you
so much
when I saw you sitting next to me
arrayed in red and black,
your finery majestic.
I wanted to hold you,
and take you with me.
I wanted to share my world with you,
I wanted…

But we both know that couldn’t be.
You’d leave eventually,
you’d have to
and I…
these hands are too clumsy
to hold you.

And if I tried to keep you,
for as long as I could,
who knows where you’d be, when you finally left?
What dark place you’d find yourself?

So I took you,
so carefully
to where you’d be safe
to where the sun shone,
to where the leaves swayed,
to where the flowers bloomed,
and said good-bye.
I hope you have a wonderful life
I’ll miss you, Lady-beetle.

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