Disptaches from the wilds of Proseambique – “Rent 2”

It catches on, this nomad thing. Train cars start looking more like capsule hotels, capsule hotels start looking more like palaces. iPods replace home theatres. People start using their library cards. Radio enjoys a brief resurgence before people discover TV on their mobile phones. Cityscapes get redesigned; less roads, more shunting-yards. Companies start noticing and replace office space with wireless internet and Skype headsets. Conferences take place on deserted platforms. The line between suits and sleepwear blurs. Empty skyscrapers reverberate above the unceasing river of steel. The whole city rolls now; a metropolis on wheels – none of it going anywhere at all.

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  1. As I’ve already said not as inspired as the original, although it finishes very strongly – love the last couple of sentences.

  2. Nice. I am drawn to the adjective “ballardian” for some reason. Now write a story set in that world.

    • It’s not enough that I create a world for you, now I have to write a story in it, as well? Now I know why deities end up cranky…

      Now that I think about it, I do think that the mindless progression in this story was inspired by High Rise – not consciously or deliberately, mind you, just seeping through from the depths of my subconscious…

  3. […] story continues here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)So, we are renters…Fox 24 News: Rent or […]

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