Dispatches from the wilds of Poetania – Shiver

Can you really pretend
when the trees whisper
the wind chills
and the world outside your door
disappears behind a veil of oblivion
that you do not shiver?

Do you deny
that when your mind fills the shadows
with the predators from your deepest imagination
and makes every sound a footstep
that you look over your shoulder?
Or that you don’t – for fear you might be right?

Do you not feel
your muscles contract
and the tension ratchet
until you are little more
than a coiled spring of pure terror?

Did you ever really believe
that you stopped being afraid of the dark?
And do you really think
that light-bulbs will save you?

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  1. I know for a fact I am not completely over my fear of the dark, and never will be. I have an excuse I guess.

    There are worse things to fear.

    I love the concept, and the closing lines are perfect. The second stanza reads a touch awkwardly but the rest are very well executed.

    Keep on a’posting.

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