You’re your own harshest critic


(Wherein our intrepid hero ponders the merits of vandalism)

On returning from the snow, I attend the opening of the art show Cross Currents at the MCA, which I considered to be pretty darn good, whilst also taking advantage of the opportunity to check out Primavera ’07, which, to the contrary, I felt wasn’t so much a collection of art as a selection of young people showing off some clever tricks they’d figured out – how to make spray-paint paintings look like watercolours, making porcelain sponges, soap remnants and tupperware containers that look remarkably like the real thing, 3-Dimensional photo collages and hallucinatory video projections. The last of these consisted of an illuminated mattress, in the middle of a darkened room, onto which footage of a body slowly writhing beneath a sheet was projected. It was indeed an interesting sensation; watching this confluence of the 2nd and 3rd dimensional, writhing before your very eyes, was definitely akin to an induced hallucination. However, standing there, amongst a dozen or so strangers in the darkened room, all staring silently at the illusory body writhing on the mattress, with only the hiss of the air-conditioning audible, I couldn’t help but feel as though I were in the middle of a scene from one of the more bizarre 70’s movies. Something, perhaps, along the lines of The Holy Mountain, which, if you haven’t seen, I HIGHLY recommend.

I then wandered onto the second floor of the exhibit, where the aforementioned spray-paint paintings were, where I found my spirit stirred by the plaque with the title of a work, where “your” was incorrectly used instead of “you’re”. More than ever before I longed for a keyring red Sharpie, (the guerilla grammaticist’s best friend) and wondered how likely a lifetime ban on visiting the MCA would actually be enforced. In the end however, such ponderances were purely academic, as I was powerlessly penless.

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  1. Perhaps you should check out banksy’s work before he surrenders completely.

  2. I’m a big fan of Banksy’s, actually

  3. Your writing reminds me of P. Theroux. Do you suffer from depression in the clinical sense?

  4. Interesting, I’ve never read any of his stuff, I’ll have to check it out. As for depression, not that I’m aware of, why do you ask? The only depression I get is of the regular old-fashioned broken heart kind, I’m afraid.

  5. Your travels sound very much enjoyable, this art exhibition also. Were it not for the thesis I might venture to the MCA and check it out. Ah, maybe I’ll do it anyway.

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