New York – Monday – Half days and road rage

(Wherein our intrepid hero discovers mustard)

On my final day in New York, I am afraid I must admit I was rather dull, for the most part. I began by spending what can only be termed an excessive amount of time on post-cards. (Having to wait half an hour in line at the post office certainly didn’t help matters) and I also embarked on some rather unsuccessful shopping expeditions. I did, however, visit the site of the former centres of world trade, which you can see coming from several blocks away, on one’s approach, as a section of the road and buildings up ahead are brilliantly lit up by the sun, in stark contrast to the buildings around them. The reason for this is, of course, because there are no buildings to block the light. The site itself is rather unremarkable, construction is currently proceeding, and the fence is covered in that green plastic Hessian substance that they tend to cover the fences surrounding construction sites in. I managed to see numerous other landmarks on the way, though time didn’t permit stopping to be photographed in front of them, and besides, how many of you really want to see me doing the Thriller dance in front of the Municipal building or the U.S. Courthouse? Also, I lunched upon hot dogs, deciding to try one with mustard, a condiment, which for some reason, I had never before encountered, and of which I can only ask: where has it been all my life? Finally I rushed down to Battery Park, for one last photo, where it was becoming clear that it was probably a good thing that I was leaving New York, as I was clearly running out of poses, before having to get a taxi to the subway station (so short of time was I) to get back to the apartment, to get to the airport, &c., which once again involved getting out in traffic and running (it is a curious reversal in New York that taking public transport is actually faster than taking a taxi.) On the way to the airport I managed to capture one final image of curious United-Statesiana.

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