Seattle – World of tomorrow!

(Wherein the future is glimpsed, and photographed, despite museum policy)

On the way in we passed a factory, replete with smokestacks, labelled “Zymogenetics” clearly, this is where they grow the clones. For Seattle is the city of tomorrow! Featuring the needle of space! Buildings able to induce psychosis! Ultra Modern Art so Ultra Modern that it’s Meta-Modern! Behold, so far in the future are they, that they hold our dreams of the future quaint, and display in museums things which for us are but the idle fancy of madmen! Witness how their archaeologists divine anthropological understandings of our primitive culture from curious artefacts of the distant past! (Once again, I indulge you with photographs of THAT WHICH MUST NOT BE PHOTOGRAPHED… Well, until I accidentally left the flash on for one shot, and got noticed by a guard…). Feigning ignorance to their future-laws of anti-daguerrotypica, I escaped punishment and carousel. Truly, I should practice my thespian deception in professional application.

Thence I summited the mighty needle itself, where I proceeded to terrorise the city with my awesome might. Truly, it was splendid.

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